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Y'all ready for some real honky tonkin' in Downtown Chandler?

I've never wanted to yell 'yeehaw' more than I do at this very moment. Talk about incredible news for Downtown Chandler, here she is in all her glory.... The Stillery 'Fine Shine & Good Eats', one of Nashville's top rated bars & restaurants will be opening in the DC later this fall.

With a total of 5,900 square feet, this venue will be the largest live country music venue in Chandler adding to the largest district in the southeast valley for live music.

The Stillery will be many things to many people. Known for their outstanding, fresh food and signature mason jar cocktails, they will have a full restaurant catering to lunch and dinner guests in a relaxed dining room. Brunch will also be served on the weekends. Thank goodness.

Center stage will be a full service horseshoe bar serving up unique southern style cocktails, a full line of your favorite Southern Whiskey's and Bourbons with a healthy selection of local and regional brews that we all know and love. The bar area will extend out to a beautiful extended patio through several garage doors to enjoy the new grassy area at New Square.

And the back area of the building? OF COURSE there will be live country music with top of the line sound system, lighting and ... wait for it, wait for it... a REAL DANCE FLOOR. Ok. How many of you are dancing for joy right this second?!

And yes there is even more. Leave it to Spike Lawrence to put this to life, the guy is a genius. Spike designed New Square to include a stage with built in sound system and lighting directly in the center of the new development. This stage area area will host even more live music events for the downtown with smaller more intimate music festivals up to 800 guests (ish). Patio seating at both DC Steakhouse and The Stillery will surely be in high demand,

Keep your eye on the DC, there is even more to come.

Let's do this!

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