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Real Estate Market Update: January 2023

Aaaaaaand we are off ... Buyers seem to like the new mortgage rates. Since January 5 there has been a sharp up-tick in the pace of contracts being signed and some attractive well-priced homes are receiving multiple offers. 

Real Estate Market Update: December 2022

A quick look back at what has taken place in 2022 in the Phoenix Real Estate market. The good, the bad, the ugly...the NOW WHAT?

Hot tips for Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners and Landlords. Key words for 2023... BE PREPARED!!!!

Real Estate Market Update: November 2022

Are we at the bottom yet?

The real estate market is so unpredictable but there are signs, if you watch for them closely, that will tell you what is about to happen. No one has a crystal ball but with this data, you can get pretty darn close to the bottom of the market. After all, that's what you are waiting for, right?! In this video, I'm going to give you an update on the current housing market here in the Greater Phoenix Area. If you're interested, stay tuned. Even if you're not, you should watch.

Real Estate Market Update: October 2022

RENTERS: Rents went down. Phew, that means that they won't/shouldn't be going up when it's time to renew. Sucks for landlords though. 

HOMEOWNERS: If you don't need to sell right now, DON'T! Seriously. Converting to a rental is no bueno. If you really need to sell, CALL ME! Let's talk strategies.

BUYERS: You wanted a buyer's market, you got it. When will we be at the bottom? In this video, it shows you exactly what to look for if you're timing your purchase.

Real Estate Market Update: September 2022

This is the PERFECT market for the not-so-perfect BUYERS. And the perfect timeframe. RIGHT NOW!

Real Estate Market Update: August 2022

Wahooo! If you watched last month, I told you that end of August/September was going to be a PRIME Buyer's Market. This is it guys and here are the details as we are living every day here in the Phoenix Real Estate Market.

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