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Real Estate Market Update: March 2024

As the Phoenix metropolitan area continues to expand, so too do its horizons. With ambitious urban development projects, sustainable infrastructure initiatives, and a commitment to livability, Phoenix is building a future that is both prosperous and sustainable. Let's deep dive in to the 4 main project areas to watch!

For more information on the massive urban sprawl of the Phoenix metro area, check out my Living in Phoenix Arizona channel here for weekly Saturday morning videos and so you can learn more about what it's like to live in the Phoenix metro area.

Real Estate Market Update: February 2024

BUYER SEASON IS HERE! are the Top 5 mistakes buyers are making in today's Phoenix real estate market. 

Real Estate Market Update: January 2024

2024 is off to a great start for buyers! 

Real Estate Market Update: December 2023

Are you ready? Are you ready for rates to come down (they are already coming down)? If you are even THINKING about buying in 2024, you need to watch this video. Buyer market starts in January for us Phoenicians.

Real Estate Market Update: November 2023

WOW! The deals are INSANE RIGHT NOW. Thinking we are heading for a crash? Let's see what the data is telling us!

Real Estate Market Update: October 2023

It's that time again.... year-end forecasts, a look back at the year, doom & gloom media, but how does this affect the Phoenix Real Estate market. Take a deep dive with me on everything from buying to renting to selling.

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