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When life gives you lemons...

Make room for more lemonade. A LOT more room. The Perch Brewery known for it's craft beer, craft food and lots of feathered friends is at it again. Making something already great even bigger and better!

If you've ever been on The Perch's roof top patio, know that their struggles were real. How do you get the beer to defy gravity/to flow upstairs, how you don't kill your staff with an average of 50,000 steps per shift, how can you fit in additional (and very well-needed) bathrooms up top and figure out how to increase the strength and size of the roof to carry the weight for hundreds of party-goers?!!! It's arithmetic like this and the ability to dream big that the owner, Rebecca Lavenue continues to create a completely unique one-of-a-kind destination spot in downtown Chandler.

The roof top patio that we all knew and loved currently stretches out a little over 2,000 square feet. When this part of the remodel is completed, the total roof top patio will stretch out over 6,000 square feet. This is no easy feat taking into account that this was once a residential home built in the 1930's. All we see is the above-ground challenges. There are even more underneath. And because she cannot expand any further north or south, she's getting serious going vertical.

Step 1, ground work. Step 2, reinforcement with steel beams. The new roof top patio will be able to accommodate large groups up to 200 and will be available for a total buy out unlike any other large group venue in all of the southeast valley. They'll also be adding 3 bathrooms upstairs and a completely new 60 foot bar that'll be about 30 bar top seats.

Careful thought was put into how to deliver better customer service, create a better experience and minimize physical stress on the staff with a 2 story restaurant. Leave it to the owner to come up with purchasing this 1958 Wonder Bread truck to convert it to a Food

Truck that will be lifted by a crane to the second level and be the permanent upstairs kitchen for the roof top business. The roof top patio will have it's own menu and kitchen staff to provide fresh and prompt service to the guests enjoying the roof top patio.

You can count on The Perch for their live music Thursday-Saturday's on their upstairs stage for 21 and over. Once the season cools off, you'll definitely have to give their Rooftop Funday Sundays a visit with more live music, food & drink specials 11am-4pm. Gives us all something to look forward to.

For now, the re-opening is slated for August timeframe. Keep in the know by following them on Facebook PerchPubBrewery and Instasgram @perchbrewery.

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