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And then there was #7

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Get ready for magic #7 for Postino WineCafe's newest location in the Phoenix area, a mere stone's throw away from Chandler. Stepping in to the recently closed Tempe Public Marketplace at the northeast corner of Warner & Rural Roads.

Postino's will be filling a huge void for wine enthusiasts in this part of town. With all day every day happy hours 11am-5pm, they offer $5 wine by the glass and pitchers of beer. Each location is given a unique name; Arcadia (original location), Central, Annex (Tempe), Kierland, East (Gilbert), and Highland. What do you think this South Tempe Location will be named? South would be too easy.

Postino's also has two locations in Houston, one soon to open in Tucson, three more already opened in Denver and several more slated for Colorado.

And to think it all started right here in the central Phoenix area almost 20 years ago. The original Postino's which is "Postman" in Italian, opened in 2001 in an old 1940's brick post office.

I remember trekking all the way to what I viewed as the 'old part' of Phoenix (little did I know this was the prestigious 'Arcadia' area) to meet a girlfriend for dinner. There was no parking anywhere. You had to park on the residential streets nearby and once you finally got in to one of what seemed like 5 or 6 tables nestled among racks and racks of bottled wine, all they had to offer (or so it seemed) was wine (of course) and small snacks.

Way ahead of its time, they drew crowds like no one had ever seen. I continued to make that drive regularly to try wines I had never heard of and nibble on bread and olives. It was just too cool to not be there.

I know I don't stand alone when I say I have been waiting patiently for there to be a location close to my home in West Chandler. I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is finally almost here. I'll be taking full advantage of Waymo services and enjoying this patio quite often. Plan ahead for this location though, not much parking at all.

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